Plans and Pricing

Save time and eliminate frustration over clunky time converters and
schedulers. All plans include an unmatched set of base features.
  • Free  
  • 4 locations
  • 1 group
  • Limited Calendar
    Shows events up to 2 days in the future
  • Mobile App
    Same restrictions (iOS/Android)
  • Ad-supported

  •      Silver   $2.99 $29.90
  • 20 locations
    10 per group
  • 2 groups
    10 locations per group
  • Unlimited Calendar
    Shows events for any day
  • Mobile App Upgrade
    Same features (iOS/Android)
  • Ad-free

  • Choose  » Choose  »
  • Gold   $5.99 $59.90
  • Unlimited Locations
    10 per group
  • Unlimited Groups
    10 locations per group
  • Unlimited Calendar
    Shows events for any day
  • Mobile App Upgrade
    Same features (iOS/Android)
  • Ad-free

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Need a multi-user license? One multi-user subscription can be used by multiple people. See pricing.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee Let us know if, for any reason, you are dissatisfied with your purchase and we will happily issue a full refund.

Common Questions

How to subscribe?

Pretty simple: (1) Click "Choose" for the plan you want (2) Follow instructions for the payment method you selected. Upon successful transaction, your subscription plan will be activated almost immediately.

How to cancel?

Cancel any time from your account page. For PayPal subscriptions, you may cancel straight from PayPal. Cancellation stops all future billing. However, the plan stays active until the end of currently paid period (i.e. there are no pro-rated refunds).


Account upgrades and downgrades can be done by cancelling an existing plan and signing up for another. Since there are no pro-rated refunds, it's best to do so at the end of your billing cycle.


Email us. The address is listed at the bottom left corner of each page. While we do not have a guaranteed response window, we typically respond within a few days (excluding weekends).

Accepted payment types

We accept major credit cards and PayPal.

Testimonials & Press

... saves a lot of man-hours just converting time zones and communicating! - John D.
... As a freelancer, I have found it incredibly useful to schedule calls/meeting with clients from different parts of the world. - Rohan
I'm a virtual assistant working with different clients all over the world and this is a lifesaver! - Annette F.
... now it is so simple to manage interviews across the globe. I love this app! - Anas N.
"... a joy to use, which is not something you might expect to say about a time zone converter."
"... really shines as the scheduling tool."
"Its deceivingly simple UI is both well thought out and very intuitive."
"... the easiest way to check the time across various cities."

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