Discover Features

Organize Locations

  • Add locations by searching for places and/or time zones (i.e. UTC)
  • Reorder locations via drag-n-drop
  • Sort, Remove, Mark as Home
  • Rename locations (need to be signed in).
  • Group locations by tabs (need to be signed in).

Schedule Time

  • Overlay Google Calendar to find open slots. (Enable via Settings).
  • Select time range by click-n-dragging on the hour tiles.
  • Adjust selection by dragging the edges. Hold Shift for 5m increments.
  • Open selection in calendars, web-apps, or copy to clipboard.
  • Create event page to share publically with others.

Customizations & Misc

  • Weekend highlighting. Some countries have non-Sat/Sun weekends.
  • Timezone names shown next to each location.
  • DST warnings appear a week before the change.
  • Timezone details show up when hovering over offset from home.
  • 12/24/MX hour format. MX (mixed) uses native format for each location.


"... a joy to use, which is not something you might expect to say about a time zone converter."
"... the easiest way to check the time across various cities."
"Its deceivingly simple UI is both well thought out and very intuitive."
"... really shines as the scheduling tool."

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