Time Buddy on Mobile

Visual world clock, time zone converter & meeting scheduler. Perfect for working with multiple time zones.

Android app on Google Play

Key Features

  • Visual time conversion and scheduling
  • FREE app, upgradeable to full version
  • Tap to schedule & share meetings
  • Integration with device calendars
  • Daylight Savings (DST) support


  • Automatic updates for timezone DB
  • 20,000+ locations & time zones
  • Highlighting of weekend hours
  • In-advance DST notifications
  • Split-view support (iOS)
  • Location renaming

Upgrading via In-app Purchase

The free mobile app can be upgraded with a one-time in-app purchase. These upgrades are per-platform, so a purchase on iOS will upgrade the app for iOS but not for Android or the web.

Upgrading via Subscription

A subscription via the site enables full usage on all platforms. To activate it, login into the app with your email/password. If using Google or Facebook login, use the device password provided on your account page.

Please note that not all features from the web-site are yet implemented in mobile version. More specifically, we are working on adding sync.

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