IFLead2020 with SejanaShines Option 2

Duration: 6 hours
IF:Lead2020 with SejanaShines Option 2:

Watch online with me on (South Korea time- 16 August Sunday 6pm - 9pm Session 1, 9:30-12:30am Session 2).  Breakout discussions at another date/time (or immediately afterwards if up for it). You will need to calculate what time this will be for you in YOUR time zone.

1. Purchase your nonrefundable ticket at www.iflead2020.com .

2. Email me at sejanashin[email protected]om to let me know you plan to watch with me online!! We will talk about which platform is best to meet: Zoom/ Skype/ Google/ FB...

I'm looking forward to this! Can't wait to see what we will learn together!

@sejanashines on FB/ IG

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