Capture One Webinar with Jaime DeMarco

Duration: 1 hour
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Jaime DeMarco cemented his career as a fashion photographer at the age of 22 when he accepted the position of senior photographer at Urban Outfitters.

He loves the challenge of pulling the character and uniqueness out of his subjects. His approach to work is much like that of his idol, Helmut Newton, who described himself as a "hired gun"?

He brings his creativity, energy and experience to every shoot but leaves his ego at home.

In this webinar, Jaime will show us why Capture One makes a daily difference to his workflow allowing him more time for creativity and delivering superb results to his clients.

We will look at creating useful workspaces for efficient workflow,  tuning colour with the Advanced Colour Editor and much more that we can squeeze into an hour.

Jaime will also be on hand to answer your questions about working as a photographer and using Capture One day to day.
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