IFLead2020 with SejanaShines Option 1 (same as US)

Duration: 1 hour
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IF:Lead2020 with SejanaShines Option 1: (best option for those in the US)

IF:Lead starts 15 August 9-12 CDT. (In South Korea, that will be 15 August 11pm - 2am for Session 1). IF:Lead Breakouts 1-2pm CDT. (In South Korea that will be 16 August 3-4am.)  IF:Lead Session 2 CDT time 2:15-5:15 CDT. (In South Korea that will be 16 August 4:15-7:30am) You will need to calculate what time that will be for you in YOUR time zone.

1. Purchase your nonrefundable ticket at www.iflead2020.com .

2. Email me at sejanashin[email protected]om to let me know you plan to watch with me online!! We will talk about which platform is best to meet: Zoom/ Skype/ Google/ FB...

I'm looking forward to this! Can't wait to see what we will learn together!

@sejanashines on FB/ IG

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